3m 9485PC tape

3m 9485PC tape

NEDC laminates many tapes to many types of gasketing materials. However, not all tapes are just adhesive laminated onto a kraft liner, and done- some adhesives are reinforced with fiber to make them more manageable. One of the tapes that utilize these fibers is known as 3M 9485PC. 

Benefits/Features of 3M 9485PC (350 acrylic adhesive) Transfer Tape

-Solventless construction, some adhesives are made with solvents- but 3M 9485PC is not

-High Temperature range- up to 450°F for short term, and 300°F for long term exposure

-Fibers to help laminate, and manage adhesive during assembly, and/or die-cutting processes.

-Excellent chemical resistance similar to most acrylic tapes

-Low Odor – I can attest to this because I have walked by countless tapes, and can identify some tapes just based on smell. 

Properties of Adhesive 350

-UV Resistance

-Low Temperature down to 40°F 

-Chemical Resistance 

-Humidity Resistance

Construction of 3M 9485PC Transfer Tape

3M 9485PC is an acrylic adhesive transfer tape that is self-wound. This acrylic adhesive is made up of 3M 350 acrylic. This means, it is wound on top of each other, leaving one side of the adhesive exposed. 

-5 mil (.127mm) clear adhesive (350 acrylic adhesive)

-58 lb. PCK (polycoated kraft liner) 

Applications that Utilize 3M 9485PC



-Adhesive to Foam

More Information/Die Cutting

NEDC is a 3M converter, so we have access to various sizes, and widths of 9485PC. NEDC is a die-cutter providing custom gaskets, and gasketing solutions through adhesive tapes. For more information on adhesive transfer tapes, or you believe you have an application that could utilize 3M adhesive transfer tape 3M 9485PC, please contact sales@nedc.com


Datasheet Download for Adhesive 3M 350 (includes 3M 9485PC)

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