3M VHB tapes 4919F and 4926

3M VHB tapes 4919F and 4926

Being conventional can often lead to the same results that one has always experienced. Sometimes someone tries something new that has the potential to be a formidable competitor. A formidable competitor to your average rivet, adhesive, spot-weld, or other permanent fastener is 3M’s VHB tape lines. In this post we will discuss the 4941 VHB Tape family. These VHB tapes offer a foam material that is backed with adhesive on both sides, providing an effective, economic, and efficient way to fasten and adhere.

What is VHB Family 4941 /What does the Family Include?

The 3M VHB tape family 4941 utilizes a multi-purpose acrylic adhesive that can be utilized in a number of applications, especially applications that require adhesion to medium to high surface energy substrates, such as metals, plastics, and glass. The durability and resilience of acrylic adhesive cannot be overstated. Acrylic adhesives offer resilience to aging, moisture, and solvents. 3M VHB tapes also do very well in the face of temperature cycles because of the VHB tape’s chemistry. Since the 4941 family offers a acrylic foam core material, the material can conform easily to mismatched or irregular surfaces, almost like rubber. Despite the 4941 family being a great general-purpose VHB tape, it can offer incredible performance in demanding applications. It is important to note that the tapes below have a UL 746C recognition, which is important in electrical assemblies. There are a number of VHB tape products that are offered in the 4941 family. They come in a variety of different thicknesses, liners, and colors. The different VHB tapes in the 4941 family are listed below:

3M VHB Tape 4941 Family

  • 4991B
  • 4979F
  • 4956F
  • 4956
  • 4947F
  • 4941F
  • 4941
  • 4919F
  • 4926
  • 4936
  • 4991
  • 4936F

More Information

Since NEDC is an authorized converter for 3M, NEDC has the ability to offer a quick turn solution for your fastening needs. These products can be converted through a number of means, including slitting and die cutting. NEDC also offers assembly of products that utilize 3M VHB tapes. For more information on die cutting VHB tapes, or information about VHB tapes in general, please contact sales@nedc.com.

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