Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping, packaging, gaskets and literature

Prototyping, packaging, gaskets and literature

At NEDC Sealing Solutions we are happy to work with our customers from the beginning of a new concept until the end when the part is manufactured and ready for production. Typically getting prototypes can be costly and take up time that doesn’t exist. NEDC’s Rapid Prototyping Department is able to turn small quantity samples in as little as 24-48 hours and minimal costs, if any. Our waterjet and laser cutting machines allow us the ability for dieless cutting, which means NO tooling cost for our customers. See below to understand more about our Rapid Prototyping Department and how we can assist you.


  • Contact NEDC’s Rapid Prototyping Department with your concept.
  • Provide any and all pertinent information such as drawings, dimensions, application, and material requirements.


  • Our Rapid Prototyping Department will take all the information supplied and offer suggestions and input.
  • Material recommendations can be made, whether the material is conductive or non-conductive.

Test Samples:

  • Samples will be manufactured and given to customer for testing.
  • Preliminary pricing will also be provided.


  • Pending test results, NEDC will finalize and confirm the design for production.
  • If modifications are needed then necessary changes will be made to the design of the part.


  • Once samples and design have been approved, we will provide a quote with the requested quantities with pricing and delivery.
  • An order is placed with NEDC, and our Customer Service team works with you to ensure all delivery needs are met with the quality they require.
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