Neoprene/EPDM/SBR Blend Gaskets

Neoprene/EPDM/SBR Blend Gaskets

General purpose gasketing has come a long way since the advent of rubber. Sponge rubber materials have many advantages over their solid rubber counterparts, although that is not to say that sponge rubber solves all the problems that sealing brings forth.

What is a Neoprene/EPDM/SBR Sponge Gasket Material? 

Neoprene/EPDM/SBR sponge is a general purpose gasketing material that can be useful in a number of applications. These types of materials have been utilized in applications ranging from weatherstripping, to automotive markets. In the world of gasketing sometimes there is not enough closure force to go around. Without closure force there can not be a seal that can maintain its integrity to seal in the first place. In cases like this a sponge material can be used, however there still has to be enough closure force to make a good seal. The amount of closure force required can be significantly less than an amount that would be used for a solid rubber gasket. The high compressibility of the sponge materials is complemented by the low amount of compression force required in the application.

Availability of Neoprene/EPDM/SBR Sponge Materials

NEDC has worked with its suppliers to be able to convert a number of popular gasketing sponges such as SCE41B, SCE42B, and SCE43B. These materials offer firmnesses ranging from soft to medium. This allows the products above to meet a number of different ASTM D1056 callouts.

Some examples of ASTMD1056 Callouts:

ASTM D1056 2A1 C1 F1 Z, Z= Fungus Resistance per MIL-STD-508, Passing, 0 or 1 (2-5 PSI CFD)

ASTM D1056 2A2 C1 F1 Z, Z= Fungus Resistance per MIL-STD-508, Passing, 0 or 1 (5-9 PSI CFD)

ASTM D1056 2A3 C1 F1 Z, Z= Fungus Resistance per MIL-STD-508, Passing, 0 or 1 (9-13 PSI CFD)

ASTM D1056 2A5 C1 F1 Z, Z= Fungus Resistance per MIL-STD-508, Passing, 0 or 1 (17-25 PSI CFD)

Some examples of MIL-C-3133 Callouts:

MIL-C-3133, MIL-STD-670 SCE3

MIL-C-3133 , MIL-STD-670 SCE7

MIL-C-3133 , MIL-STD-670 SCE11

MIL-C-3133 , MIL-STD-670 SCE20

In addition to meeting these specifications, they are also able to meet certain MIL-R-6130C callouts. Oftentimes these materials will be labeled with the misnomer ‘foam,’ which is inaccurate because they are manufactured in buns. These materials are referred to as sponges. These materials also utilize a closed cell structure that can provide good weatherproofing, waterproofing, and noise-dampening solutions. These sponge rubbers all have water absorption values under 10%, tested per ASTM D1056. In addition, these materials have fantastic temperature ranges. For example, SCE42B has an operating temperature of ­40°F to 200°F. As with almost all the materials NEDC works with on a daily basis, these materials are available with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back. Typically, an acrylic-based adhesive works best with these types of products. However, a silicone laminating tape is available if requested.

More Information:

NEDC can supply SBR/Neoprene/EPDM sponge products in die­cut, waterjet cut, or stripping form. The typical color of these materials is an off-black. For more information on EPDM/SBR/Neoprene sponge materials please contact

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