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Mylar® Roll

Mylar® Roll

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), well that was a mouth full. It’s hard to believe, but that is the scientific name for the resin that makes the famous film by DuPont Tejjin Films, trademarked Mylar®. Mylar® is a Polyester Film that is a very versatile material. Mylar® is used in applications ranging from medical devices to printing applications. Mylar® touts beneficial properties such as high heat resistance (according to Tejjin Films website, Mylar® A exhibits a temperature range of -100F to 300F), excellent insulation properties, and excellent strength. There are many types of Mylar®, including the most popular types, Mylar® A and Mylar® D. NEDC not only converts (die cutting and waterjet cutting) Mylar®, but also does a great job of stocking these materials.

NEDC keeps Mylar® A on the shelf, specifically thicknesses 5mil and 10mil, to ensure that our customers can be afforded the best price possible, and the best lead time possible. It is important to us that our customers can have extremely fast turnaround when choosing a trusted supplier such as NEDC. It is also important to us that your electrical insulation specification(s) are met. We are able to convert Mylar® A which meets MIL-I-631, Type G. If your application requires a PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive), just ask, and you can have your Mylar® laminated with adhesive.

Other types of Mylar® include Type EL, and Type MO.

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