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Geniune Pressboard™ Color Red 25 PT

Geniune Pressboard™ Color Red 25 PT

At NEDC we are professional die-cutters. For the last 30 years we have been cutting custom shapes from almost all the different types of materials. These materials include EPDM sponge, fluorosilicone, and other types of materials. As recently as 6 years ago, NEDC decided to leap into the 21st century with a different type of machine.

This type of machine evolved regular old automatic die-cutting into high speed hydraulic and CNC-operated die cutting. These types of machines are able to cut thousands of parts relatively quickly. However, with all of this cutting there must be something behind the material in question to ensure that no damage is done. This type of material is called Genuine Pressboard™ and is trademarked by Fibermark. This material is a flexible thin-gauge backing that is commonly used to prevent the die from penetrating further down. The material is stiff, and the density allows the material to last a very long time in conventional die cutting. NEDC stocks this material in order to better service other die-cutters who may be in need of this type of backing. The cutting board is provided at a 25 point gauge. This thickness allows much use and abuse before having to replace the material. The color the material is provided in is a bright red. The material is provided 48″ across, and in roll form to accommodate die-cutters need to allow certain lengths to be put on a machine.

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