At New England Die Cutting, the process of quoting has been made into such a science that the term “estimate” may appear to be something of a misnomer, as NEDC provides accurate and concrete pricing within short times frames for our customers on an hourly basis. The process of an estimate begins with first contact between a customer and NEDC, be it an email, a print that is sent over, or a phone call discussing the application(s). Following this, NEDC will review the print(s) with both sales and production to determine the best fit both production and cost wise in the facility. NEDC will then work with our extensive vendor base to get the best possible material pricing, and use that in tandem with the labor required to provide a solid, competitive number to our customer. NEDC is able to draw from its hundreds of combined years of gasketing and manufacturing experience, as well as from a large vendor base, to meet nearly any specification or lead time requirement that there may be.

In estimating, NEDC values creativity as much as it values getting quotes out in a timely manner. If we can provide a number to a customer that reflects the time, effort, and collaborative thinking that we put into it, then it is all the better for both parties. An example of this is when NEDC is given an application from a customer with a target price in mind. By working closely with production, NEDC’s sales team looks at a variety of factors in getting to that particular number, with one of the biggest aspects being allocation per sheet/roll of material. By strategically “nesting” certain parts either on a sheet or within other parts, NEDC is able to squeeze every single square inch of material out of the application, gaining a better price for the customer with fewer material requirements. Our CNC machines our very effective at offer nesting software to afford the best possible yield. Material itself can sometimes be an obstacle to economical pricing, as vendors will oftentimes put a minimum buy on the order. NEDC finds ways to circumvent this daily, usually by finding vendors who have material on the shelf that can provide a small quantity. In regards to quoting, the philosophy of NEDC is to tell customers what we can do, not what we can’t. At NEDC, we make a conscious effort to afford the customer an economical sealing solution by being as creative as possible with the tools at our disposal.

NEDC’s quoting process is an encapsulation of the values of the company as a whole: continuous improvement, a “can do” mentality, problem solving, and a customer-first mindset. If you need pricing and availability on an application and you are looking for the best pricing and response time in the industry, send your prints to and our Sales Team will begin working on your custom quote.

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