What is the difference between a die and a mold?

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You and I have been working together on some prototype work. Now that we are getting ready to move into production, most recently, you talked about some tooling, but I was confused because you had mentioned two types of tools… a die and a mold.

What is the difference?



Thanks for the question.

A mold in our industry refers to machined cavities on 2 opposing plates where material is put into and the mold is compressed to form the part.

It is made with material that is uncured (not finished).

A die in our industry is a piece of wood or a piece of plastic that holds steel rule die or knives in place to die cut in the shape of a gasket. It cuts finished material.

At New England Die Cutting, Inc. we make our own material here through molding and extruding, and also offer converting of the material into finished product. This sets us apart from many die cutters who depend on other suppliers.

In your case, we are molding your conductive sheets with a standard mold that we have on the shelf, so there is no charge for this type of tooling. We will then die cut them with a custom die into the shape of the gasket that we worked with during prototyping.