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Viton®(FKM) fluoroelastomer is a well known material that is used across industries for its fuel, and chemical resistance. NEDC manufactures custom Viton® Gaskets out of Viton® fluoroelastomer material. What many people do not know is that there are a few different types of Viton® provided by DuPont. Viton® A is the most popular type/family among all manufacturers. Each type has slightly different characteristics and different fluorine contents for each one. In this article we thought we would detail out the different Viton® materials available.

General Properties of Viton® Fluoroelastomer

-Viton® has high heat resistance, great resistance to a large variety of chemicals, and is fuel resistant.

-It has great electrical properties, and low burning characteristics. 

-Resists attack by fungus/mold

-Resists oxidations, also sun, and weather

-Viton® largely struggles with low temperature resistance, although some types such as GLT-S have better flexibility at low temperatures.

The different levels of fluorine content are a good indicator of how chemically resistant these materials are. So the higher the fluorine content, the more resistant the material is. It is good to keep in mind as well some Viton® elastomers in their precompound form are compliant to FDA 21 CFR 177.2600.

 The below types are the general types of Viton® available. However, there are other types as well not listed here within those families listed below.

General Use Types:

Viton® A-66% fluorine content

Viton® B-68% fluorine content

Viton® F- 70% fluorine content

Specialty Use Types:

Viton® GLT-S- 64% fluorine content

Viton® GFLT-S- 67% fluorine content

Viton® ETP-S- 67% fluorine content

For Information on Viton® Gaskets

NEDC procures sheet/rolled goods of Viton® elastomers to cut into custom shapes. In addition, Viton® Sponge is available for cutting as well. NEDC uses waterjet cutting and die cutting to cut custom gaskets. As always adhesive backing is available with these type seals. For more information on Viton® fluoroelastomer or you feel you have an application that could utilize it please contact sales@nedc.com.  


Note: Viton® is a trademark of DuPont Chemours.

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