Gaskets die-cut with 9469PC and 9460PC

Gaskets die-cut with 9469PC and 9460PC

At NEDC, we die-cut & laser-cut many products. We also offer these same products with tape backing. Some of these tapes include some of our more common ones, such as 3M 467MP or 3M 9472. Oftentimes, those products come with those tapes on the back, to assist in assembly. Beyond assisting in assembly, customers are sometimes looking for a tape with significant holding power. In these cases, we would provide them with a VHB Transfer Tape backing.

Properties/Advantages of VHB Transfer Tape

When people think of VHB Tape, they often think of the foam VHB tapes such as 4941, or 5952. However, there is a different type of VHB Tape that can be transferred onto different surfaces. They operate through the same principle that other transfer tapes do.

Adhesive is coated onto a silicon coated liner. When stuck onto another surface that has a higher surface energy then the liner, it will peel off, and stick to the other surface.

These products are called VHB Transfer Tapes. These tapes are used where long term holding power is a priority. In fact, they are often used in applications where replacing rivets, spot-welds, or liquid adhesives is of interest:




they all utilize 100MP acrylic adhesive from 3M Company. This adhesive withstands high temperature, low temperature, solvent, and moisture well. In addition, these tapes have the UL746C listing. These tapes feature extraordinary typical peel strengths for transfer tapes — 9460PC(7lb/in), 9469PC(8lb/in), and 9473PC(9lb/in). Often, NEDC laminates this tape to different gasketing, or insulating material for a good bond to other surfaces, to be applied later by our customer, or by NEDC. However, oftentimes our customers require the tape simply die-cut on the liner itself (kiss-cut) to aid in assembly of their product.

Liners/More Information/Cutting of VHB Transfer Tape

These tapes come on a #58 polycoated liner. This liner can come printed or unprinted with the 3M printing such as the picture presented. Since NEDC is a 3M converter, we have availability of different lengths, and widths of these tapes. NEDC commonly die-cuts and laser-cuts certain custom shapes out of these tapes. In addition, we do sell this tape as straight up rolls as well. For more information on VHB Transfer Tape, please contact

VHB Transfer Tape Datasheet Download

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