VHB Tape 5952, 5915, and 5906

VHB Tape 5952, 5915, and 5906

Since 1980, 3M VHB Tapes have been revolutionizing the way the world sees permanent bonding applications. VHB Tapes provide many unique qualities that make them fit to bond in even the most demanding of applications. VHB Tapes can be found in applications ranging from aerospace to automotive markets. There are a few different families of VHB Tapes available from 3M Company. VHB Tape Family 5952 features a modified acrylic adhesive on both sides of a foam core. The modified acrylic helps to bond to medium low, medium, medium high and higher surface energy substrates. The foam core is viscoelastic, making it great for energy absorption and stress relaxation. Similar to the other families, VHB Tape Family 5952 provides impressive sealing and bonds while featuring the pleasing aesthetic appeal that is absent in competing conventional methods such as rivets, bolts, and other permanent fasteners. In addition, 3M VHB Tapes provide a ease of use/application that can be difficult to rival.

The VHB Tape 5952 Family provides adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including most powder coated paints, polycarbonates, nylon, glass, metal, and epoxy painted substrates. The 5952 family also features tapes with excellent dynamic overlap shear. While other VHB Tapes have an inherent conformability that is important, VHB Tape Family 5952 features products that are especially conformable. The 5952 VHB Tape family has an especially diverse range of products to offer. The 3M VHB Tape Family 5952 features the flame retardant VHB Tape 5958FR. In addition, VHB Tape Family 5952 is undoubtedly the thinnest family collectively, featuring an impressive array of thin VHB Tape products, including 5906, 5907, 5908, and 5909. These tapes are often used in electronic applications, because of their thin gauges that act to minimize the bond line.

Family 5952 tapes come in different colors, thicknesses, and with different unique liners. Some of these tapes are:

  • 5906
  • 5909
  • 5908
  • 5907
  • 5958FR
  • 5952(P)
  • 5915WF
  • 5930P
  • 5962(P)

In parallel with the invention of VHB Tapes 30 years ago, NEDC has been die cutting, and converting for the same amount of time. As an authorized 3M Converter, NEDC can die-cut and otherwise convert 3M VHB Tapes. These tapes are available in roll form, die-cut parts, kiss-cut parts, and slit to width roll form. If you have an application you believe could utilize a VHB Tape or would like a quotation, please contact sales@nedc.com.

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