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UHMW Tape Die Cut

UHMW Tape Die Cut

As a converter, we see all sorts of materials. These materials can have a diverse range of uses. One of the materials NEDC commonly deals with, and converts is UHMW polyethylene material. This is actually an acronym for ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. The name of the material stems from its molecular weight. It has a mass that ranges from 2 to 6 million amu. The material is often abbreviated to just UHMW. This thermoplastic material has an incredible range of properties that make it especially useful in applications such as automotive, medical, aerospace, and commercial markets. The material’s uses often revolve around the resistance to wear and abrasion.

Properties of UHMW Plastic Material

The properties of the material yields a diverse range of applications. UHMW polyethylene has incredible inherent strength considering its low specific gravity. UHMW has the added benefit of not supporting fungal growth nor bacteria. UHMW-PE is often FDA compliant; however, this must be confirmed depending on the type of UHMW and application. UHMW also how a relatively low absorption of moisture. For the most part, UHMWPE is relatively unaffected by chemicals other than oxidizing acids. One of the most discussed attributes of UHMW films is its abrasion resistance. The material can be 10 times more resistant to abrasion than that of carbon steel. In addition to this, the material is also notoriously slippery, making it ideal for applications that require lubrication; however, the material is self-lubricating.

PTFE films are often deteriorated by excessive wear. In applications such as these, a UHMW polyethylene film may be helpful. One drawback of UHMW films is that the temperature stability is poor compared to more temperature stable films such as ETFE, or PTFE. UHMW also features low surface tension, making it difficult to adhere anything to the material; however, this can be done by some of the experts in the field such as 3M Company.

More Information/Die Cutting- Converting

NEDC typically die-cuts thin versions of UHMW. Since NEDC is a converter for many different industries, it is also familiar with how important it can be to have a tape version of the UHMW material. NEDC is an authorized converter for 3M company, and converts many UHMWPE tapes, such as 5430, 5423, 5421, 5425, and others. The tapes’ thicknesses range from 5 mil to 12 mil. Some of the tapes come with an acrylic adhesive, while others come with a rubber adhesive. Oftentimes these tapes are used to mitigate squeaks and rattles that occur from excessive vibration. These materials can be supplied in rolls, die-cuts, or “kiss-cut” versions. For more information on UHMW or UHMW tapes by 3M, please contact sales@nedc.com.

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