thermal pad sample kit 2.0

thermal pad sample kit 2.0


During COVID, NEDC released a Thermal Pad Sample Kit. It had a number of Gap Pads on it. We decided to re-release it- new. and improved.

Why Thermal Pad Sample Kit 2.0? 

This time it has a combination of Sil-Pad and Gap Pad on the Thermal Pad Sample Kit. It has a few purposes. This time we included what thicknesses are available for the pad.


GAP PAD TGP 3500ULM : 0.020-0.125” aka GAP PAD 3500ULM 

GAP PAD TGP 5000: 0.020-0.125” aka GAP PAD 5000S35

GAP PAD TGP 3000: 0.010-0.125” aka GAP PAD 3000S30

GAP PAD TGP HC3000: 0.010-0.125” aka GAP PAD HC3.0

GAP PAD TGP HC5000: 0.020-0.125” aka GAP PAD HC5.0

GAP PAD TGP 1500: 0.020-0.250” aka GAP PAD 1500

GAP PAD TGP 3004SF: 0.010-0.125” aka GAP PAD 3004SF

GAP PAD TGP 2200SF: 0.010-0.125” aka GAP PAD 2200SF

GAP PAD TGP 1000VOUS: 0.020-0.250” aka GAP PAD VOUS

GAP PAD TGP 7000ULM: 0.040-0.125” aka GAP PAD 7000ULM

SIL PAD TSP 3500: 0.010-0.015” aka SIL PAD 2000

SIL PAD TSP 1600S: 0.009” aka SIL PAD 900S

SIL PAD TSP K1100: .006” aka SIL PAD K6

SIL PAD TSP 1680: 0.009” aka SIL PAD 980

SIL PAD TSP 900: 0.007”-0.015” aka SIL PAD 400

SIL PAD TSP 1800ST: 0.008” aka SIL PAD 1500ST

SIL PAD TSP Q2500: 0.006” aka Q-PAD II

SIL PAD TSP Q2000: 0.005” aka Q-PAD 3

SIL PAD TSP A3000 -0.015” aka SIL PAD A2000

SIL PAD TSP PPK1300: 0.006” aka POLY-PAD K10

More Information- How to Request One

We have outgassing, and data on all of these thermal pads listed above. For more information on our thermal pad sample kit, or you think you would like one, please contact


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