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At NEDC, Custom Silicone Rubber Gaskets are a common product we sell. Included in that category are the Super-Soft Silicone Rubber Gaskets that are available. When I think soft gaskets, typically below 40A durometer would be considered soft. However, when I think of super-soft, in my mind I am thinking of 10A-20A Shore Durometer material.

Potential Issues with Silicone Sponge/Silicone Foam

Understanding the benefits of super-soft silicone rubber materials may be best to start where silicone sponge intersects with silicone rubber. Silicone Sponge/Foam are great for many sealing applications. However, there does exist some issues with some sealing applications when choosing silicone sponge/foam. 

  1. One of the common troubles with silicone foam or silicone sponge gaskets is the fact that their tear/tensile is compromised because realistically half the material is made up of blown cells in the material. With solid silicone rubber, these numbers are improved dramatically. 
  2. The other issue with silicone sponge/foam is the fact you cannot get it below .032” (1/32”). The reason for this is it is blown to thickness. When that happens, it is difficult to get the firmnesses reliably because of the lack of blown cells in the material. These low durometer comparable materials are great for those type situations.

These Super-Soft Silicone Gaskets allow for low-closure force while also providing a high level of tear strength. These Super-Soft Silicone Gaskets still maintain the wide temperature range that many who use silicone rubber are used to. 

Applications Using Low Durometer Silicone Gaskets

Low Durometer Silicone Gasketing materials are exceptional at sealing, and ruggedizing equipment.  Some applications include:

-Water Sealing

-Enclosures/Portable Dvices such as IP65, IP66, and IP67

-Ruggedizing portable devices such as tablets, or battery hatch seals, digital camera lens

Popular Low Durometer Silicone Rubber Products

Product(click to download datasheet) Manufacturer Colors Available Thickness Available Durometer
BISCO HT-6210 Rogers Corporation Gray .010’’-.125’’ 10 Shore A
BISCO HT-6220 Rogers Corporation Black .010’’-.125’’ 20 Shore A


NEDC commonly laminates materials with adhesive backed tapes to aid in assembly. These include acrylic tapes such as 3M 467MP or 3M 9472. In addition, as mentioned in many other blog posts, NEDC uses waterjet cutting, and die-cutting machines to convert these gasket materials into finished custom shapes.


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