staydry h2-3000

staydry h2-3000

NEDC die-cuts a lot of different types of materials. I often say a material is unique, because it’s true they are all unique. However, one material that does not have peers is truly unique in its own rite. STAYDRY® H2-3000 manufactured by Macdermid Alpha is a Hydrogen & Moisture Getter. 

Construction, Interactions with Microelectronics

STAYDRY® H2-3000 is a silicone film, with a unique package of fillers that help to absorb moisture/hydrogen. It helps increase the life expectancy of microelectronics. This material counteracts the harmful effects that moisture, and hydrogen can have on an electronic hermetic package. It can be easily overlooked how dangerous moisture, and hydrogen can be to microelectronics in a hermetically sealed package. These normally innocuous gasses become insidious quickly when sealed inside of a hermetic box along with microelectronics. Small quantities of hydrogen can be incredibly detrimental to an electronic package.

Sources of Outgassing 

Most RF engineers are not aware of all the sources of outgassing:

-Microwave/ RF Absorbers



-Ferrous Materials

How good is STAYDRY® H2-3000?

STAYDRY® H2-3000 metrics of absorption are very impressive:

-5% of its product weight capacity of moisture

->45cm3/gm hydrogen absorption

More Information

NEDC die-cuts, and otherwise converts STAYDRY® H2-3000 into finished die-cut parts that are usually pasted onto hermetically sealed containers. NEDC also provides pasting/adhering services of RF absorbers/Stay-Dry onto covers that are typical in such electronic packages. STAYDRY® H2-3000 is required to be activated through a baking process- for more info, reach out to, or to Macdermid Alpha.  For more information on STAYDRY® H2-3000, please contact

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