speaker with speaker gasket

speaker with speaker gasket

Speakers are everywhere these days. I have some in my car, I have two on my desk (currently playing Vivaldi). In our last blog, we talked about rattling/pinging that can be present in different environments. As discussed in that blog, we suggest foam/sponge to absorb that vibration in the application. A speaker gasket may do one of those functions, but it can serve a few other functions.

What does a Speaker Gasket do? 

A speaker gasket material does a few things:

  1. It reduces rattling/pinging/banging that can happen with all the vibration that may be present between the speaker, and the subwoofer.
  2. The gasket can help create a seal to direct the sound in the correct direction, preventing any sound leakage.
  3. Depending on the environment the speaker may be in- it can prevent low grade ingress or dust, and water that could be present- especially dust. 

 Types of Speaker Gasket Materials to Test in your Application 

-Open Cell Polyurethane Foam

-Closed Cell Neoprene Sponge, Soft, Medium, Firm 

-Closed Cell EPDM Sponge, Soft, Medium, Firm 

-Cork Rubber/Composite Rubber

What kind of Speaker Gaskets does NEDC do?

NEDC manufactures custom speaker gaskets, for higher performance applications. 

Should I get an adhesive backing with my Speaker Gasket?

I would say this depends on the geometry – however, a liquid adhesive can be messy, and is easier to make mistakes. The factory gasket you would get from us – you can get a special tailored adhesive backing to match the substrate your gasket is being adhered to.

3M products such as 

3M 9485PC

3M 467MP 

3M 9472 

Are some common tapes that we may suggest to try. Since NEDC is a 3M converter, we can provide these gasketing materials with adhesive backing. 

More Information 

NEDC die-cuts, and waterjet-cuts speaker gasketing materials. For more information on gaskets for speakers, or you feel you have an application that could utilize a speaker gasket, please contact sales@nedc.com

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