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Silicone and fluorosilicone die-cut parts with adhesives Dow Corning 730 & 3145

Silicone and fluorosilicone die-cut parts with adhesives Dow Corning 730 & 3145

Over the past 30 years in business at New England Die Cutting, our product offerings have changed significantly. Some of our core product offerings now exist in silicone/fluorosilicone rubber materials. Typically when we fabricate these materials, there is sometimes a second step required. Luckily, NEDC also has this ability to fabricate materials beyond a one-step molding or die-cut process.

When fabricating materials into a three-dimensional product that is larger than its original form, adhesives are usually required. Some examples of parts that require a second-step of assembling with adhesives are silicone/fluorosilicone sponge parts, silicone/fluorosilicone molded/die-cut parts, as well as other silicone foam products.

However, while adhesive can be used to assemble parts, you must be careful to use the correct adhesives. Typical adhesives used in assembly processes (such as epoxy or urethane based adhesives) will most likely not work, as the materials have a unique chemistry. In most situations, our customers are used to using Dow Corning products such as Fluorosilicone Adhesive 730 or Silicone RTV 3145. While these adhesives may work to bond fluorosilicone and silicone rubber materials, their performance also is an important consideration.

Luckily, NEDC is able to accommodate the customers who require such processes, as we are extremely familiar with these one-part adhesives. Our specialized fabricators are familiar with the common silicone/fluorosilicone adhesives that are commercially available, and are extremely experienced in using them. In addition to being familiar with these products, our fabricators are also experienced with the primers that oftentimes go with them. Primers such as Dow Corning 1200 and 1204 are often used to prime surfaces before bonding in order to help the adhesives bond.

For more information on silicone and fluorosilicone adhesives, or if you have a part that you feel could utilize an assembly process utilizing a silicone or fluorosilicone adhesive, please contact sales@nedc.com.

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