Silicone Alternative Thermal Pads

On this blog before, we have discussed the benefits of having a silicone-free thermal pad, and why some applications require there to be no silicone in their application. Of course, silicone based products can be insidious to applications without immediate obvious side effects. In that blog, we discussed thermal gap pads which are conventionally thicker options that were alternatives to silicone based gap pads. In this blog, we discuss polyester-based thermal pads.

polyester-based thermal pads, die cut parts
polypad thermal interface material die-cut

Types of Thermal Pads

In that blog, we did not discuss thinner options that may be an alternative to the Sil-Pad materials. Sil-Pads are used in applications that can offer lots of compression via screws, or clips but also require thermal conductivity. In addition, these applications given their abundance of compression usually have thinner gaps to fill if any at all. There are two types of categories that thin thermal pads are really split up into. Non-Electrically Isolating Pads, and Electrically Isolating Pads. Non-Electrically Isolating Pads usually include graphite-based pads. The other grouping is usually silicone-based pads.

What is Poly-Pad?

Henkels’ Bergquist offers a polyester-based thermal pad that is electrically isolating called Poly-Pad. These pads offer a good alternative to silicone based pads such as Sil-Pad. The reinforcement of these pads vary, both fiberglass or polyimide reinforcements are available. Fiberglass reinforcement offers a significantly tougher physical properties. These pads similar to other Sil-Pad offerings have the rating of UL 94 V0. Henkels’ Bergquist offers a number of different selections to fit into applications:

Different Types of Polyester-Based Thermal Pads


-Poly-Pad 400-fiberglass(0.9 W/m-K) aka SIL PAD TSP PP900

-Poly-Pad 1000-fiberglass(1.2 W/m-K) aka SIL PAD TSP PP1200

-Poly-Pad K10-polyimide(1.3 W/m-K) aka SIL PAD TSP PPK1300

-Poly-Pad K4-polyimide (0.9 W/m-K) aka SIL PAD TSP PPK900

NEDC offers Henkels’ Bergquist Poly-Pads in sheet form or also in custom die cut shapes. Similar to their Sil-Pad counterparts, Poly-Pads offer adhesive-backing for ease in assembly. For more information on polyester-based thermal pads, or you believe you have an application that could utilize a thermal pad, please contact

Poly-Pad 400 Datasheet Download

Poly-Pad 1000 Datasheet Download

Poly-Pad K10 Datasheet Download

Poly-Pad K4 Datasheet Download

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