Sil-Pad 1500ST Pad

Sil-Pad 1500ST Pad

At NEDC, we die-cut a lot of different products. One of the more common materials that we die-cut are thin thermal pads. For applications that require self-tackiness and a thin cross-sectioned thermal transfer pad, finding a solution may be challenging. A unique thermal pad that offers a strong diversity of performance characteristics is Sil-Pad 1500ST thermal pad from Henkel’s Bergquist.

Properties of Sil-Pad 1500ST

Most thermal pads require a reinforcement for handling. Sil-Pad 1500STs reinforcement is a durable fiberglass. It features a natural tack on both sides(the ST stands for soft-tack) to aid in assemble, and placement of the pad. In addition, tackiness rather than a pressure-sensitive adhesive allows for better thermal conductivity that heavy PSAs might impede. As with most thermal pads available from Henkel’s Bergquist, it offers the prestigious fire rating of UL 94 V0. The temperature range of this thermal pad is a wide range of -76° to 356° F. The thermal conductivity of this pad is 1.8 w/m-K. More importantly, its thermal impedance features a low 0.2°C-in2 /W at 200 psi of pressure. As with most thermal pads, Sil-Pad 1500ST offers great electrical isolation. With the combination of the thermal conductivity, and high conformability it makes this thermal pad especially versatile. This combination of properties makes it especially useful for certain applications. Some common applications for this thermal pad include power supplies, motor controls, or automotive electronics.  


Sil-Pad 1500ST is also known as SIL PAD TSP 1800ST. This thermal pad has a distinct blue color. This thermal pad is available in sheets form, or roll form in .008’’ or 0.203 mm in thickness. NEDC commonly die-cuts, and waterjet cuts this pad. For more information on this thermal pad, or you have an application that you think could utilize this pad, please contact

Download Sil-Pad 1500ST Datasheet

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