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sil-pad die-cut assortment

sil-pad die-cut assortment

At NEDC, we cut a lot of custom parts. However, it is much more common to cut parts that are made to a specification or standard. In our M83528/004XDDD post, we talked about Standard Connector Gaskets. In this blog post, we talk about Standard Sil-Pad Configurations. These are all standard die-cut parts that NEDC has available for a number of Sil-Pad & Gap Pad materials.  These are normally used in Power Supplies, Power Resistors, and other power devices. However, most of these standard Sil-Pad configurations are used on transitors. While Gap Pad is sometimes configured with these cut-outs, typically Sil-Pad is picked:

Sil-Pad Products Commonly Used

SP800 aka SIL PAD TSP 1600

SP900S aka SIL PAD TSP 1600S

SP2000 aka SIL PAD TSP 3500

SP400 aka SIL PAD TSP 900

SPK6 aka SIL PAD TSP K1100


SPK10 aka SIL PAD TSP K1300

SP980 aka SIL PAD TSP 1680

SP1200 aka SIL PAD TSP 1800

SP1500 aka SIL PAD TSP 1500

SPA1500 aka SIL PAD TSP A2000

SP1500ST aka SIL PAD TSP 1800ST

PP1000 aka SIL PAD TSP PP1200(silicone-free)

PPK10 aka SIL PAD TSP PPK1300(silicone-free)

PP400 aka SIL PAD TSP PP900(silicone-free)

Examples of Sil-Pad Callouts

Of course, there are more varieties available in different Sil-Pads and Gap Pads. A typical callout in the legacy Bergquist system usually went something like:

SP2000-0.010-AC-12(Sil-Pad 2000 in .010’’ thickness, PSA one side, in the -12 condition, i.e TO-18 small power device)

SP980-0.009-00-25(Sil-Pad 980 in .009’’ thickness, no PSA, in the -25 condition, i.e DO-5 diode washer)

SP400-0.009-AC-54(Sil-Pad 400 in .009’’ thickness, PSA one side, in the -54 condition, i.e TO-220)

SPK10-0.006-AC-60(Sil-Pad K10 in .006’’ thickness, PSA one side in the -60 condition, i.e TO-126)

More Information

These Sil-Pad Configurations are numbered 01 through 156. NEDC has all of this tooling in stock to ensure that the manufacturing time is kept as low as possible and customers are not charged for tooling. NEDC provides these Sil-Pad Configurations in both high and low quantity orders for a variety of customers. For more information on standard thermal pad cut configurations, please contact sales@nedc.com


Sil-Pad Configurations Download

(Imperial & Metric Illustrations)

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