sil-pad 980

sil-pad 980

At NEDC, we cut a whole bunch of different types of thermal pad gap filling materials. Sil-Pad 980 has a unique application list where it’s used. 

Properties of SIL PAD TSP 1680, aka Sil-Pad 980 

SIL PAD TSP 1680 has great cut-through resistance. It is silicone-based with a fiberglass carrier. This fiberglass carrier is critical for the high pressure applications where screw-mounting is necessary- similar to other thin Sil-Pad products. Sil-Pad 980 is part of the Sil-Pad family, so pressure is critical to extracting good thermal performance from this pad.  Some properties of Sil-Pad 980 are below:

-Shore Hardness of 95A durometer

-Flammability of UL 94 V0

-Thermal Conductivity of 1.2 W/m-K

-Good Dielectric Breakdown of 4,000 Vac

-Excellent Heat Transfer

Applications for BERGQUIST SIL PAD TSP 1680

-Silicone sensitive applications, such as bonding applications

-Telecommunications such as 5G networks

-Automotive electronics such as smart cars

More Information/Die-Cutting

NEDC is a thermal pad manufacturer/supplier. The thickness available for this Sil-Pad is .009’’  This material comes in a mauve (purple/violet) color.  NEDC die-cuts or otherwise converts Sil-Pad 980 into custom shapes. For more information on thermal gap filling materials, or you feel you have an application that could utilize Sil-Pad 980 aka SIL PAD TSP 1680, please contact


Datasheet Download for SIL PAD TSP 1680 aka Sil-Pad 980

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