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sil-pad 400, picture

sil-pad 400, picture

When we are talking about Sil-Pad products, one of my favorites is Sil-Pad 400. Sil-Pad 400 is also known as SIL PAD TSP 900 now. It sounds weird to say, but the refined feeling of the gray silicone pressed into the fabric produces a uniform feeling across the pad that is quite satisfying. Sil-Pad 400 is the “original Sil-Pad”. Its thermally conductive silicone rubber coupled with the fiberglass reinforcement produces a unique pad. It draws on its plethora of unique properties to make it one of the most versatile pads in the portfolio. 

Why Sil-Pad 400?

It would be best to start with the thermal properties because, well- thats where everyone looks to start.

-Thermal Conductivity of 0.9 W/m-K
-Thermal Performance has a very good relationship with pressured applications(see attached datasheet)
-Hardness of Shore 85A

In addition, Sil-Pad 400, comes in  thicknesses of 0.007’’ and 0.009’’. It has a wide temperature range & is flame retardant. The fiberglass reinforcement makes the pad extremely durable, but maintains a unique pliability. 


Oftentimes, NEDC die-cuts these pads into typical transistor shapes for packages. However, NEDC will die-cut or otherwise cut these into custom shapes for customers. For more information regarding Sil-Pad 400 aka SIL PAD TSP 900, please contact sales@nedc.com

SIL-PAD 400 (aka SIL PAD TSP 900) Datasheet

Henkel SIL-PAD 400 (aka SIL PAD TSP 900) Datasheet

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