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One of the issues in die-cutting is what we call “thin walls” this occurs when there is a hole close to the wall of a part. We typically implore our customers to allow for “break-out” if possible. However, when a gasket is reinforced, it can make this problem easier to deal with. The fiberglass is a stable layer embedded in the material that gives dimensional stability. When a hole does become close to a wall, the fiberglass embedded in the material usually provides more stability than the material independently would. In this blog post, we thought we would highlight a few of the different silicone rubber materials available for reinforced silicone gaskets we manufacture. 

Benefits of Reinforced Silicone Gaskets

We highlighted silicone rubber in this post, as many of these materials are used in press-pad applications, and other applications where there are high temperature demands. 

Reinforcement Layers have a few benefits:

  1. Reinforcement layers help reduce the risk of the material extruding during compression. 
  2. As mentioned above, die-cutting with thin walls can become an easier task.
  3. The fiberglass layer adds increased dimensional stability, for example, elongation/tensile strength become significantly higher. 

Silicone Sponge/Foam

R10450 Silicone Sponge(click for datasheet) – R10450 is a fiberglass reinforced silicone sponge laminate. The fiberglass is between two cured layers of silicone sponge. Applications for R10450 include conveyors, handheld devices such as tablets, and commercial lighting such as LED devices. It comes in a standard color of blue/gray. In addition, its available in .062’’, .125’’ and .188’’ thicknesses. 

Silicone Solid Rubber

Norseal CHR3320 Solid Silicone Rubber(click for datasheet) is a fiberglass layer with cured 50A durometer silicone rubber on both sides. Applications for CHR3320 include circuit boards, conveyor belts, high pressure gaskets, and duct work clamps. It features a fiberglass thickness of .014’’. In addition, Norseal 3320 meets the aerospace specification AMS-3320. This material is available in linear yards, or sheeted goods. Like many silicone rubber materials, it comes in the standard rusty red color. 

More Information..

As always, NEDC can supply different adhesive backings such as silicone/acrylic adhesive. NEDC die-cuts or otherwise converts these reinforced silicone rubber materials into different custom gasket shapes. For more information on silicone reinforced gaskets available, please contact

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