Assortment of die-cut, thermal pad, Q-Pad II

Assortment of die-cut, thermal pad, Q-Pad II

Thermal pads are an increasingly unique part of NEDC’s business. They are offered in so many different flavors; they are almost like ice cream. Some thermal pads are pliable, some are not. Some offer unusually high thermal conductivity, while others offer an economical thermal conductivity. Another quality of thermal pads is electrical isolation. Some thermal pads offer it, and some don’t. However, this isolation is not always required in applications. One of the more popular non-electrically isolating TIMs offered by Bergquist is the Q-Pad series. One of our favorites is Q-Pad II.

What is Q-Pad II? 

It is a clean alternative to thermal greases that can be extremely messy. Cleanliness in critical applications can come at a premium. However, with this product, cleanliness is no-longer a challenge. The construction matches great thermal performance. It is an aluminum foil coated on both sides with a Sil-Pad rubber to offer maximum thermal transfer performance. Q-Pads by nature are not as elastomeric as their Sil-Pad counterparts, but offer great thermal performance at 2.5 W/m-K. This material is very hard at 93 durometer, Shore A. It offers the revered UL94 V0 flame rating. Lastly, it offers an impressive temperature range similar to other Sil-Pads, -76°F – 356°F. Some applications for Q-Pad II include between transistors, and heatsinks, or between chassis, and heatsinks. There is a number of available formats to accomodate different parts of it.

Availability of Q-Pad II/Die-Cutting

This material comes in an elegant black. Q Pad II is also now known as SIL PAD TSP Q2500. This material is offered plain, or with PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive) on one side. In addition, this material is offered in both sheet, and roll formats. For this reason, much bigger parts are normally fabricated out of Q-Pad II. NEDC oftens die-cuts custom shapes/parts out of Q-Pad II. If you feel you have an application that could utilize this material or would like a quote, please contact NEDC tries to keep stock of both the material with, and without adhesive backing.

Q-Pad II aka SIL PAD TSP Q2500 Datasheet Download

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