Q-Pad 3 sheet stock

Q-Pad 3 sheet stock

At NEDC, thermal pads are our specialty. However, oftentimes customers are looking for a thermal pad that is a grease replacement, that isn’t damaged by reflow solder baths. To be honest, Q-Pad 3 is a unique product for this reason. Q-Pad 3 is a fiberglass reinforced grease replacement. 

Properties of Q-Pad 3 aka SIL PAD TSP Q2000

Q-Pad 3 eliminates the problems thermal grease creates, such as contamination in electronic assemblies. The graphite helps make the material more conformable to imperfect surfaces when clamped in between two surfaces. The thermal conductivity is 2 W/m-K. However, as mentioned before, and I’ll mention again, thermal conductivity is not everything; Q-Pad 3 has great thermal impedance values(see datasheet below It’s good to note, that unlike other thermal pads, Q-Pad 3 is not electrically insulating. In addition, Q-Pad 3 has the notorious UL 94 V0 rating. 

How is Q-Pad 3 Mounted?

Since Q-Pad 3 depends on force to maximize thermal transfer; clips, screws/rivets, are the best way to get Q-Pad 3 into the application. When I am looking at a build-to-print part of Q-Pad 3, I am expecting to see holes in the part typically because I am looking for mounting holes- however clips will do just fine too. 

Is Q-Pad 3, and Q-Pad 2 Similar?

They are awfully similar. However, Q-Pad 2 is reinforced with aluminum instead of fiberglass.  

Why do I like Q-Pad III? 

A. Thermal Grease can easily spread all over the place, and frankly- I don’t like it, and find it gross. Having a pre-cut thermal preform dramatically reduces the chances of having an electrical short.

B. There is a good price to performance ratio that is unique with Q-Pad 3.

C. Compared to Q-Pad II, it is easy to handle and doesn’t bruise as easily as the aluminum based Q-Pad II. 

Applications for Q-Pad III

-Heat Sink/Transistor

-Between larger surface areas that need thermal transfer

-Power Modules, or Resistors, Transformers, Solid State Relays

More Information/Availability

Q-Pad 3 comes in a thickness of .005’’. In addition, it comes with or without PSA to help in the assembly process. It also comes in the format of rolled goods. The color of Q-Pad 3 is a light black that originates from the graphite filling. NEDC die-cuts, and laser-cuts Q-Pad 3 parts to custom, and standard Sil-Pad Configuration shapes. For more information, on Q-Pad 3.


Q-Pad 3 aka SIL PAD TSP Q2000 Datasheet Download

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