Wire Mesh


Wire Mesh Gasket

There are many materials that offer great properties, but do not inherently have some properties that may be beneficial for a certain application. For example, silicone sponge offers great compression set and heat resistance. What silicone sponge does not generally offer is great EMI/RFI shielding. This is where wire mesh may come in handy. If an application requires an environmental seal as well an EMI/RFI shield, wire mesh in parallel orientation with an elastomer is available from NEDC. The wire mesh/elastomer can provide EMI/RFI shielding while providing the excellent qualities of the elastomer and the durability of the wire mesh.

There are a few different types of elastomers available with different types of mesh, in different orientations as well. Some of the elastomers that are available include silicone sponge, Neoprene® sponge, polyurethane foam (Poron®), solid silicone, and solid Neoprene®. The different elastomers and grades available are shown in the table below. The description of the elastomers does not guarantee an availability to a certain elastomer with a certain type of mesh.

Elastomer Specification
Solid Neoprene® MIL-R-6855, Class 2, Grade 40
Solid Silicone A-A-59588 Class 2, Grade 40 (Formerly ZZ-R-765)
Silicone Sponge (Closed cell only) AMS 3195, Condition(s): (Medium)
Neoprene® Sponge (Closed cell only) ASTM D6576 (formerly MIL-R-6130), Type II, Grade A
Temperature Range: -30 to 100 C
Condition(s): Medium
Polyurethane Foam N/A

There are several types of elastomers that are currently available, along with certain types of wire mesh. There is steel, aluminum, silver monel, tin plated copper, and regular monel wire. Wire mesh is available in a large variety of forms. These forms include wire knitted around elastomer extrusion, sheet stock, and gaskets. As always, we offer pressure-sensitive adhesives. NEDC can laminate materials in house with silicone or acrylic non-conductive or conductive pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA).

NEDC is a recognized supplier of wire mesh gaskets for industries ranging from aerospace to energy markets. NEDC can offer wire mesh elastomers as converted parts, such as die-cuts, waterjet cuts, and assembled parts. For more information on wire mesh gaskets please contact sales@nedc.com.