Oriented Wire


Oriented Wire Gaskets

Oriented Wire can be a very advantageous gasketing material to have in your arsenal. Oriented Wire is composite gasket consisting of a minimum of 900 fine convoluted wires embedded in silicone or Fluorosilicone elastomer. This provides the elastomer with the versatile benefits of silicone and fluorosilicone while providing the amazing benefits of the wires. The convoluted wires are oriented in a configuration that is perpendicular to the mating surfaces and act like springs and provide rebound. Oriented wire may be one of the most versatile sealing materials for gasketing available in solid rubber or sponge for low closure force applications. Some of these applications include, high temperature, resistant to chemicals, and water sealing applications. The elastomer provides environmental sealing and stability that the wire alone cannot do, while simultaneously providing a gasket that has good electrical conductivity.

The type of wire supplied are Monel per the specification, QQ-N-281, Aluminum Alloy 5056 per the specification, AMS 4182 or Phosphor Bronze per the specification, ASTM B105.The oriented wire gaskets are supplied in Solid Silicone Rubber per ZZ-R-765, now formally A-A-59588 Class 3, Grade 30 (others grades are available) and Fluorosilicone per MIL-R-25988B Class 1, Grade 40, Type II wire. The oriented wire gaskets can be supplied in many different forms, including strips, sheets, and die cut parts. Like a lot of NEDC’s materials, oriented wire can be supplied with adhesive backing for ease of assembly. Of course, non-conductive adhesive is more beneficial in this case because of the lack of electrically continuity when the wires puncture a electrically conductive adhesive.