Non-Conductive Extrusions


Silicone Rubber Extrusion

Non-Conductive Extrusions is typically used as a term to describe extrusions that are not considered electrically conductive. The are many cross-sectional profiles available for electrically non-conductive extrusions, including the U profile, the P profile, Solid O, Hollow O, and other unique profiles. The type of material required for the extrusion is nearly always dictated by the application. For example, in an application that requires an air-tight seal a butyl extrusion may be considered. Another example may be when an application requires a seal that requires a high temperature resistance, in this case a silicone extrusion may be considered.

The extrusion is created when it is pushed from the extruder machine under much torque, heat, and pressure. It is pushed through the head of the extruder and then through the ‘die’ to form the cross-sectional profile required. There are many cure systems for extruding, including platinum cures, sulfur cures, and peroxide cures.

NEDC can provide many electrically non-conductive extrusions. The materials NEDC typically provides extrusions in are fluorosilicone, silicone rubber, butyl rubber, Neoprene® rubber and many more.