condux plus foam

condux plus foam

At NEDC, we cut a lot of conductive foam for customers. One of the conductive foams that we have a lot of success with is PORON® Condux Plus™. There are many reasons for this, but the below are a highlighted few I thought I’d share. 

Uses for PORON® Condux Plus™

PORON® Condux Plus™ is used for electrical grounding, and shielding. One of the things I like about Condux Plus is that it has a wide grand of frequencies that it has effective shielding at- ranging from 300 MHz to 10 GHz. It shields of up to 50 dB through those frequencies. 

A problem with Electrical Grounding Pads

If a grounding pad takes a “set” overtime, the pad would be nearly as effective as grounding because it’s not making consistent connectivity overtime. At accelerated testing, PORON® Condux Plus™ has little to no compression set, coming in at an average below 5% at both thicknesses. 

As a gasket:

Condux Plus™ Foam can be used as a gasket for general dust sealing- just like any other thin Polyurethane material. However, I suggest to use it when the above things are required:


-EMI/RFI Shielding at Compression

Applications we’ve seen Condux Plus™ In:

-LCD Gasketing for EMI/RFI and Dust Sealing

-Grounding Pads

-Low Compression applications where EMI/RFI Shielding is available for PCBs

-Hand Held Electronics such as Tablets/ Electronic Pads 

More Information

NEDC die-cuts, and waterjet cuts Condux Plus™ into custom shapes such as grounding pads, or gasketing. Rogers Condux comes in thicknesses of .013’’ and .021’’. The tolerance held on these is very tight with +/- 20%, and +/- 15% respectively. Adhesive Backing for Rogers Condux Plus is also available for aid in assembly. For more information regarding PORON® Condux Plus™, or you have an application that you feel could utilize it, please contact


Rogers Condux Plus Datasheet Download

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