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polyimide foam, die-cut parts

polyimide foam, die-cut parts

At NEDC polyimide films are one of the core die-cut insulators we offer. However, there is also a polyimide foam material. Polyimide foams are versatile in their use, being used for thermal, and acoustical insulation. 

Properties of Solimide® Foam

These polyimide foams are lightweight, open cell materials that are extremely flexible in nature. Naturally, these materials have a wide temperature range similar to its film formed cousin. The continuous temperature range reaches up to 400-500°F. Most often these foams are used for thermal insulation and soundproofing. The specification available with this material is Mil Spec DOD-I-24688 Type 1. Oftentimes, these polyimide foams can be faced with different materials for additional specifications such as DOD-I-24688 Type II, Class 1, 3, 4, 5. These foams are low outgassing and they have great flame resistance. These materials are non-fibrous making ease of packaging/handling that much easier. Applications for these foams include insulation for ovens, ducting, pipe insulation, and automotive engine bays. These foams remain extremely flexible over a wide temperature range, being unaffected even at extreme temperatures. Solimide®  is a trademark of Boyd Corporation. There are a few different types of polyimide foam Solimide® available.

Products Available




Boyd Corporation AC-550H .5
Boyd Corporation AC-550 .44
Boyd Corporation TA-301 .40
Boyd Corporation CC-306 .50
Boyd Corporation HT-340 .40
Boyd Corporation AC-530 .34

More Info/Availability of Polyimide Foam

The foams typically come in thicknesses ranging from 6 mm to 200mm. These foams come in a natural light yellow color. Additionally, they have a coarse texture typical of expanded not skinned materials. Naturally, these foams are available with an adhesive backing. Polyimide foam is easy to handle and convert into custom shapes. NEDC commonly waterjet-cuts these materials. For more information in regards to polyimide foam, or you believe you have an application that could utilize it please contact sales@nedc.com.

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