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Nomex® Die Cut Part

Nomex® Die Cut Part

Nomex® is a strong material that is made of Nomex® fiber. It is naturally flame resistant and extremely resistant to heat. Nomex® is a one of a kind material made by DuPont™. There are many different types of nomex. Nomex has fibers that poorly conduct heat so when the flame is applied and then removed the Nomex® stops burning.

The same structure of Nomex® that stops the conduction of heat is what stops the conduction of electricity. It is used in many industries including aerospace, military, medical, and countless others. Nomex® is used in a lot of applications as electrical sheet insulator. Nomex® 410 has an impressive operating range of all the way up to 428F in air.

NEDC can provide die-cut Nomex® parts and waterjet cut Nomex® parts. The different thicknesses of Nomex® NEDC can provide range from .002”-.030”. NEDC can also fabricated different Nomexs to mix and match to laminate to a custom thickness. NEDC stocks NOMEX 410 5 MIL and 10 MIL thicknesses to improve lead-time for the customer. There are many different types of Nomex® Aramid Paper, some are listed below:


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