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 Neoprene(CR) is perhaps the most widely used material in the industry. Any die-cutter is familiar with it. It features an economic cost that matches its versatility. To me, I would call Neoprene the balance rubber. The reason for this is it strikes a good balance between a moderate resistance to many things but also comes in at an effective price. Neoprene is the most commonly used gasketing material in the rubber industry. This polymer is known for its oil, petroleum, ozone, and weathering resistance. While it would not be recommended for either, Neoprene has moderate low and high temperature resistance.

Neoprene Solid Rubber

Neoprene Solid Rubber is typically used in gasketing applications. It is a go-to for many design engineers because its economical cost, and benefits can cover many of the bases. It comes in durometers ranging from 10-80 Shore A. The thicknesses range from as thin as .010’’ to as thick as .500’’ thick. It is good to keep in mind that while neoprene is typically black it can be provided in different custom colors. In addition, solid o-rings are fabricated by gluing neoprene cord stock together. 

Specifications of Neoprene Gaskets:

-MIL-R-6855, Class II Type A/B Grades 40-70


Neoprene Sponge Rubber

Neoprene is typically available as a closed cell sponge rubber. However, there are open-cell neoprene sponge materials available. The closed-cell nature limits intrusions by unwanted solvents/liquids. Neoprene sponge comes in a few available densities, soft, soft-medium, medium, medium-firm, and firm. Different densities/firmnesses require different levels of compression to get an adequate seal. Availability depends on what manufacturer the neoprene sponge is procured from. In addition, neoprene sponge extrusions are also available from other manufacturers. Many times, manufacturers use neoprene sponge in a blend with other sponge materials. The below are high performance neoprene blend options.

Product Manufacturer Specifications Met
SCE41NEO(Soft) Rubberlite ASTM D1056 2C1B2F1M, ASTM D6576 Type II A,B Soft
SCE42NEO(Soft-Medium) Rubberlite ASTM D1056 2C2B2C1F1, ASTM D6576 Type II A,B Soft/Medium
SCE43NEO(Medium) Rubberlite ASTM D1056 2C3B2M, ASTM D6576 Type II A,B Medium
1400(Soft-Medium) Rubberlite ASTM D1056 2C1/2C2, B2C1F1M

Other Information:

NEDC die-cuts, and waterjet-cuts neoprene gaskets into custom shapes. These neoprene gaskets above are available with a tape backing. Neoprene rubber is also known as polychloroprene to some. For more information on neoprene products or you feel you have an application that may be able to utilize neoprene, please contact

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