key with membrane switch spacer

key with membrane switch spacer

 If you open up a membrane switch, you will find there are 3M products all over the place. 3M 467MP, 3M 467MP liner- any die-cutter who is worth their weight knows 3M 467MP is a commercial staple for this reason. NEDC provides all sorts of insulators, and spacers for customers. 

What is a Membrane Switch?

Membrane Switches are essentially devices that enable an electronic to make a temporary electrical connection for the use in electronics such as remotes, key starters, and other industrial applications where ruggeized electronics are required. We all know the feeling of the remote giving a feedback of the tactile affect with the metal contact to the printed PET.

Now, what is a Membrane Switch Spacer?

A membrane switch spacer is simply a layer that goes in between the printed PET, and the second printed with silver layer before the graphic overlay. NEDC does not make graphic overlays but we do make tape for them! 

Options for Membrane Switch Spacers by 3M

3M has a number of products that are suited for these types applications:

-3M 7945MP

-3M 7952MP

-3M 7953MP

-3M 7955MP

-3M 7956MP

-3M 7957MP 

-3M 9061MP
-3M 9059MP

-3M 9057MP

-3M 7965MP

Why use 200MP Adhesive? 

  1. Customers ask all the time for a repositionable adhesive. I always ask:

Do you mean permanently repositionable?

The reason I ask this is because the great thing about the 200MP adhesive from 3M is that it’s initially repositionable. I like this because it allows the user to make mistakes when assembling it without destroying the adhesive. Some adhesive tapes we sell, you only get one chance to assemble it. 

  1. Its clean- I have always said that 3M 200MP adhesive is the cleanest it gets. I always suggest it for customers who require a clean adhesive tape.
  2. The tape is coated onto the carriers in such a way that makes a great layer that prevents lifting, oozing. Theres other tapes I like for pure bonding – but 200MP offers a unique strength that is hard to find in industry.
  3. The properties of 200MP are a good balance for the cost. 

-Good short term temperature resistance

-Good solvent resistance

-Excellent Shear Strength, Etc. 

Why do some of these Membrane Switch Spacers have 3M 467MP? I ordered something else!

Good question. A lot of these membrane switch spacers just use the tape 3M 467Mp adhered to the product- so it has the same liner. As a reminder, the construction of 3M 467MP is a 2mil adhesive coated onto a 4.2 PCK liner. 

For more information/Die Cutting

NEDC is an authorized 3M converter. For that reason, we have access to all 3M tape products that could be converted. NEDC does die cutting, and kiss-cutting. For many of these 3M Membrane Switch Spacers, NEDC utilizes laser-cutting for the intricate geometries that many membrane switches offer that look


3M Membrane Switch Spacer (200MP)

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