Viton Gasket

Viton™ is a chemical resistant fluoroelastomer that is trademarked by DuPont Performance Elastomers. It has a very high tolerance for chemicals, like oil and solvents and an impressive temperature range. The resistance to fluids comes from Viton’s™ fluorine content, normally the content is 66% to 70%. It is very useful in applications that require sealing but also require a tough elastomer that has resistance to chemicals and temperature such as fuel systems and engine oil seals.

Viton™ has very tough physical properties that may be useful in the intended application. The high temperature range includes all the way from 400F to 600F. Viton™ not only has great heat resistance, but also has a low compression set, great ozone, weather resistance, and excellent resistance to hydrocarbons and acids.

Viton™ can be certified to the military standard MIL-R-83248. The following is the way it is categorized under MIL-R-83248: Type I is O-rings, compressions seals; Type II is molded parts, sheets, and strips. MILR83248 has been superseded by several documents. The class in the specification defines the durometer of the elastomer. In the specification, Class I defines the elastomer as 75 durometer Shore A +/- 5, Class 2 indicates 90 durometer Shore A +/- 5. Fluorocarbon has an ASTM D1418 classification as FKM, the ASTM D2000 classification for fluorocarbon elastomers is HK. Conveniently, Viton™ is a fluorocarbon elastomer, which can be defined as HK under ASTM D2000.

Typically, fluorocarbon is provided in black. This comes from the carbon black particles within the rubber compound. The carbon black provides most compounds the strength and elasticity that gives rubber its properties. Viton™ can also be supplied in brown, white, and blue. Every elastomer has its own idiosyncrasies, some good and some bad but one of the most refreshing things about some fluorocarbon elastomers is the cinnamon smell that comes with the rubber sometimes. This comes from the cure system within the rubber compound. The shelf life of this rubber is 20 years.

Type I Class I, AMS 7276

Type I, Class 2, AMS 7259

Type II, Class I, AMS 3216

Type II, Class 2, AMS 3218

Viton™ can typically be provided in sheets, roll form, extrusion, and strips. Viton™ can also be supplied as a converted part. NEDC can also custom mold fluoroelastomer for custom thicknesses for anywhere in between .020”, .031”, .062”, .093”, .125”, .250”, and .500”. NEDC can also custom mold fluorocarbon parts in house.