NEDC is an authorized US converter & distributor of Nolato Silikonteknik electrically conductive silicone products. It may be helpful to provide a brief introduction on Nolato. Nolato’s beginning dates back to 1938, originally called Nordiska Latexfabriken i Torekov AB. Its headquarters are located in Torekov, Sweden, and the production headquarters of Nolato Silikonteknik are located in Hallberg, Sweden. Nolato Silikonteknik is a division of Nolato that supplies EMI shielding and thermal solutions made of electrically & thermally conductive silicones. Although they may be 6 hours ahead of the US, Nolato can provide both EMI and Thermal solutions to serve US industries, through strategic partnerships such as NEDC. Nolato is a growing company, and has a presence in many industries including telecom, medical, automotive and industrial. This article will discuss a few of Nolato’s products which fall under the brand names of Compashield and Compatherm.

Compashield can be delivered in a few forms such as pure extrusion, co-extrusion and molded components. Nolato offers various extrusion profiles, including U channel profiles, Solid O’s, Hollow-O’s and many others. Compashield extrusions can be supplied on a continuous roll, and it can be supplied in O-ring form. Of course, these O-rings can also be vulcanized to the preferred length in order to fill the groove that may be required. Nolato has a variety of extruded Compashield materials including non-conductive silicone, Nickel Graphite, Silver Copper, Silver Aluminum & Silver Glass For more information on these products please visit

Another great benefit of Nolato that was briefly mentioned in the previous paragraph is their co-extrusions. Nolato offers many configurations of Co-Extrusions, with electrically conductive silicone and non-conductive silicone extruded in parallel. These co-extrusions are offered in many standard profiles as well as custom profiles This could be helpful in many applications that require both an EMI and environmental seal but wish to utilize a single groove. Many applications require co-extruded products such as aircraft doors, and military communication equipment. For more information on Nolato’s co-extruded products please visit

Compatherm is Nolato’s brand name for thermally conductive material. Nolato’s thermally conductive materials are used to transfer heat from hot components on a PCB to a heat sink. Compatherm features products such as Gap Filler Pads in thickness from 0.25mm to 5mm NEDC distributes and converts this product through a variety of methods, including die cutting, and waterjet cutting. Compatherm is offered in a variety of performance levels ranging from 1W/mK – 7W/mK as well as various levels of hardness and die-electric breakdown voltage. Customizations can also be done quickly to support your most demanding applications. Unique filler technology balance product compliancy and thermal performance, resulting in extremely low thermal resistance. For more information on these products please visit

NEDC imports and converts the materials above into finished products. For questions concerning anything above, please email

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