lse vhb tape

lse vhb tape

Low Surface Energy Materials are often hard to stick to. Conventionally for permanent fasteners that has been a problem when a tape would be more convenient and cost effective. With the addition of 3M LSE VHB Tapes, permanent fasteners are easier than ever. 3M LSE VHB Tapes integrate the same format of the classic modified acrylic conformable acrylic foam to make it also stick to low surface energy surfaces. 

What Types of Materials are Low Surface Energy?

Plastics such as polyethylene, and polypropylene are considered low surface energy materials. Other surfaces such as polystyrenes, acrylics, nylons, and thermoplastics can be considered low surface energy materials.  These materials are notorious for being difficult to stick to. 

Other Low Surface Energy Surfaces to Consider:

-Polyester, and other paints

-Powder Coated surfaces

-Glass Reinforced plastics

-Fiberglass reinforced plastics

Properties of 3M VHB LSE Series

3M VHB LSE is used as a permanent fastener like a rivet- unlike low surface energy transfer tapes, or double sided tapes that can be used as assembly aids. 

-Bonds dissimilar surfaces 

-Long Term reliability in outdoor settings

-Greater design flexibility due to the high reliability on low surface energy surfaces

-Very high bond for a lightweight tape

-Enables bonding without the use of nasty primers

-High initial tack- classic of VHB Tape

Types of Low Surface Energy VHB Tapes in three different thicknesses:

LSE-060WF, .025’’ (.60mm), color white

LSE-110WF, .045’’ (1.10mm), color white

LSE-160WF, .062’’ (1.60mm), color white

*each come with the classic 3M Branded siliconised polyethylene film liner, self-wound.

Applications for 3M VHB Tape LSE Series 

-Indoor, and outdoor applications alike


-Sports equipment

Shelf Life of VHB Tapes

We get the question an awful lot about “shelf life” of tapes. Let me start off by saying EVERY APPLICATION IS DIFFERENT – AND MUST BE TESTED. However, in regards to VHB Tapes, they may be good after the shelf life “expires”. Typically, this shelf life is referring to the tape in the roll form. 

More Information/Die Cutting

NEDC is an authorized 3M converter, meaning we have access to all VHB Tapes directly from 3M Company. NEDC die-cuts, laser-cuts, or otherwise converts VHB Tapes into custom shapes, and sizes for customers. For more information on low surface energy tapes, please contact


Downloadable VHB LSE Tape Brochure

Downloadable VHB LSE Tape Product Datasheet

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