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low temperature silicone

low temperature silicone

Low temperature gaskets are something we’ve talked about before. One thing we have not discussed is low temperature silicone rubber gaskets. To be clear, these type gaskets are approaching the most extreme low gasketing material we offer at NEDC. This is because, frankly there is few other materials that go as low as these do.

Specifications for Low Temperature Silicone Gaskets

A-A-59588, Class 1A(low temperature), Class 1B (low temperature, and low compression set at high temperatures) Durometers range from Grade 40 to Grade 80, Shore A)

AMS-3334 (35-45 durometer Shore A) 

AMS-3335 (45-55 durometer Shore A) 

Why use a Low Temperature Silicone Gasket? 

There are very few applications that a low temperature silicone rubber gasket would be required compared with other type gasket materials. However, in those applications, a low temperature silicone gasket might be a silver bullet that is required to make it work. 

Applications for these gaskets include:

-Machines that use cryogenic temperature but the cryo media won’t be in direct contact with the gasket

-Space/Aircraft applications such as door, window seals

What makes a Low Temperature Silicone different from a “General Purpose” Silicone Rubber?

Well, it all starts with the polymer make-up. Low temperature silicone rubber has a lot of phenyl groups on the Silicone backbone that impart its low temperature qualities.  Another question that may be asked is what qualifies low temperature gaskets “low temperature”? In this case, low temperature gaskets are considered a gasket that stays flexible down to -81° to -103°F when tested per ASTM D2137. There are some cases where very special formulations of silicone rubber can approach -125°F while staying flexible. 

More Information/Cutting

These materials listed above are available for custom fabricated gaskets, either by conversion of sheet, or vulcanized rubber. NEDC uses die cutting, and laser cutting to cut low temperature materials. For more information on low temperature silicone rubber, contact sales@nedc.com.

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