NEDC is an authorized converter for 3M company. For that reason, we often get questions from customers about the adhesive tape products we offer. Customers often ask, what is the difference between this tape, and this tape? The reason customers ask this question, is a lot of times the tape is actually the same thing, but one just has a different liner. 


3M 467MP, and 9667MP are the same tape, except there is one major difference. 9667MP has a much thicker liner. 

Why does 3M make two products with different liners? 

There are a few reasons for this: Keep in mind that a liner is only there to protect the adhesive during transit to its end goal – which is usually help during an assembly process. Since NEDC is an authorized 3M converter we have access to a number of different types:

  1. The thicker the liner, the easier it is to remove the liner from parts during assembly for the adhesive backing. The easy-peel liner can aid in making the parts 
  2. The thicker the liner, the easier it is to die-cut. Yes, it is possible that NEDC will swap a liner to make die-cutting easier if the adhesive tapes natural liner cannot be provided thicker. This can definitely be the case if the die-cutter is attempting to die-cut the parts
  3. A thinner liner makes the product easier to wind up. For example, a thick liner can force the paper to make a memory, and forget its original shape. Tightly wound materials should have a thinner liner.
  4. Some customers prefer that their product is supplied on a tray like material. Thick liner can be better for this, when customers ask for a tray like liner, we usually give them a .011” liner. 

More Information

NEDC die-cuts, waterjet-cuts, and laser-cuts all sorts of parts for customers. For more information on 3M adhesive tape, or 3M release liners, please contact 

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