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Kiss-Cut Parts

VHB Tape Kiss-Cut Parts

VHB Tape Kiss-Cut Parts

Kiss-Cut Parts are defined as parts that are normally on a liner or other substrate, that are cut just enough to leave room for removal. This is essentially when the die comes down and cuts into the material making a part and leaves the liner or other substrate intact. This process requires a coordinated machine operator and a steel-rule die. NEDC is very familiar with kiss-cutting. NEDC can provide multiple adhesives and liners kiss-cut. Kiss-Cut parts can be supplied as a number of materials, including rubber, metal, Kapton®, tapes and other products. NEDC is an authorized convertor of 3M products, including VHB Tapes, Acrylic Adhesives, Silicone Adhesives, and other tapes. Of course, not all materials can be supplied kiss-cut. There are many factors that go into determining if a part can be Kiss-Cut, including part size, shape, material, thickness, and adhesion ability.

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