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Kapton Tape

Kapton Tape

Some people get confused about Kapton® Film vs. Polyimide Film. At NEDC we cut both. However, 3M offers both Kapton® Tape, and polyimide tape. The difference comes down to a brand. That brand is by DuPont. DuPont holds the registered trademark for Kapton®. 3M offers both Kapton® Tape products and polyimide film tape products. Since NEDC is an authorized 3M converter, we convert many different polyimide or Kapton tapes for our customers. Most times, these tapes are cut through die-cutting.

Properties/Applications of Polyimide/Kapton® Tape:

Polyimide films are used in applications where high temperatures are of concern. These tapes are dimensionally stable through different temperature ranges due to the inherent stable nature of the backing material. There are really two different adhesives that polyimide films may be coated with. Either silicone adhesive, or acrylic adhesive. Naturally, both have their benefits, and drawbacks. Silicone adhesive inherently has a higher temperature range. Kapton® tapes are often used as masking for different applications such as anodizing or solder masking.  In addition, these tapes are electrically isolating since they are made with a polyimide film which is inherently electrically isolating. The thinner, and more transparent the tape is, naturally the easier it will be to place down the tape into the application. In addition, many of these tapes are certified as flame retardant. However, while most of these tapes are certified as such, some of them are not.

Availability from 3M Company:

Tape #, Type of Adhesive, Brand, Total Thickness of Tape

5413, silicone adhesive, DuPont™ Kapton®, .0027’’(2.7mil)

5419, silicone adhesive, DuPont™ Kapton®, .0027’’(2.7mil)

5433, silicone adhesive, DuPont™ Kapton®, .0027’’(2.7mil)

8998, silicone adhesive, polyimide film, .0032’’ (3.2mil)

8997, silicone adhesive, polyimide film, .0024’’ (2.4mil)

1218, acrylic adhesive, polyimide film, .003’’ (3.0mil)

1205, acrylic adhesive, polyimide film, .003’’ (3.0mil)

7413D, silicone adhesive, polyimide film, .0028’’ (2.8mil)

7419, acrylic adhesive, Dupont™ Kapton®, .0018’’ (1.8mil)

7416, acrylic adhesive, polyimide film, .00118’’(1.18mil)


NEDC die-cuts custom shapes and sizes through die cutting. Kiss-Cutting is also often utilized for polyimide tapes. However, custom widths, and lengths are available through NEDC. For more information on polyimide or Kapton® tapes, or perhaps you believe you have an application that may utilize them please contact sales@nedc.com

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