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itw formex

itw formex, color white

Electrically Insulating materials are a common die-cut product here at NEDC. One of the more common materials we use is ITW Formex. These insulating plastic materials are used in a number of electrically isolating applications. They are flame retardant, and are designed to be able to be bent, folded, scored, and shaped into different orientations. Below are a few properties of Formex. 

Properties of Formex

-Flame Retardant(UL Recognized)

-UL Recognized

-Chemical Resistance

-Physically Strong, while maintaining flexibility. 

Different Types of Formex(click to Download Datasheet)

Formex™ N3 & Formex™ CND – Polycarbonate

Formex™ GS – Polyproylene

Formex™ GK– Polypropylene

Formex™ GL – Polyproylene

Whats Popular for Formex?

One of the questions we like to answer in our blogs is what is popular. This helps people understand what many converters may be familiar with. In addition, frequently that can keep a lot of cost control because if many people utilize it, it can help with tapping into the economy of scale the material itself produces. For NEDC, we use a lot of Formex GK. Perhaps that is because it is available in 6 different thicknesses:

.005’’(GK-5), .010’’(GK-10), .017’’(GK-17), .030’’(GK-30), .040’’(GK-40), and .062’’(GK-62). These materials come in a natural white, and also the color black. 

Fabrication Methods for Formex

NEDC uses two different method to cut Formex material. Laser Cutting or Die Cutting are two common ones. We use these machines/dies to make custom shapes out of different types of Formex. Formex can be bent to shape through score/perforation lines in the material. 

Adhesive Backing/More Information

NEDC is an authorized 3M distributor/converter. Considering this, NEDC commonly laminates different types of 3M adhesive tape products such as 3M 9472, 3M 467MP, or 3M 9485PC. Customers use this to have a sticky tape backing to use to apply the part easily into their application. For more information on ITW Formex, or you believe you have an application that could utilize Formex, please contact sales@nedc.com

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