HT-800 Silicone Foam

HT-800 Silicone Foam

My favorite silicone foam material is easily HT-800 by Rogers Corp. If someone were to ask why.. (no one is asking) but I’ll explain to all of my 50,000 blog readers why its my favorite silicone foam material.

I wrote a blog a few years ago, on silicone foam gaskets, you can find that here. As a whole, the materials are super robust, and frankly for what they are they are competitively priced. Silicone Foam is not silicone sponge- it is made from liquid silicone cast onto a liner.

Why use HT-800 Silicone Foam?

The reasons are numerous:

  1. It has a long shelf life.
  2. Its UV resistant.
  3. Its competitively priced.
  4. Its widely used.
  5. It has a wide operating temperature range.
  6. NEDC uses it all the time, (so we often have stock).
  7. Its used in numerous applications ranging from thermal insulation(blog on that), to gasketing.
  8. Low compression set– other silicone sponge materials range from 5 to 20% while HT-800 is
  9. The surface finish is a cool, smooth finish that is oddly satisfying.
  10. Its not too hard too compress, and not too soft- its perfectly in the middle coming in at a 6-14 PSI to compress 25% for CFD(compression force deflection)
  11. Inherently Fungus Resistant (most silicone rubber materials are)
  12. Its UL 94 V0 certified (File : E83967 ). This is a super bonus because a lot of times designers are constrained by their product needing to be UL certified and having a product

I could go on, and on, about this material but essentially HT-800 Silicone Foam is a highly versatile material that can be used in a lot of applications because of all the features, and properties it has. When we are suggesting silicone foams for testing in applications, my mind often jumps to HT-800 because of this.

More Details:

NEDC die-cuts or waterjet cuts HT-800 Silicone Foam into custom gaskets. HT-800 comes in a color of gray. In addition, NEDC adds acrylic, or silicone PSA onto HT-800 for ease of use during assembly. For more information on silicone foam, please contact


Datasheet Download for HT-800 Silicone Foam

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