gray silicone high-strength

gray silicone high-strength

At NEDC, we cut lots of gasketing materials. Silicone rubber is a go-to choice for a lot of our customers. The reasoning for this is plenty:

Reasons to Use Silicone Rubber Gaskets

  1. Its high-temperature/low temperature resistant properties.
  2. It has anti-stick properties
  3. Low compression set
  4. Its hydrophobic due to its low surface energy
  5. Its great for UV radiation, and various other extreme weather conditions.

One drawback of silicone rubber is it is not as physically tough as for example, EPDM rubber or some other organic polymers. In some cases, our customers will switch it to those other options for those reasons. However, there are times when our customers require silicone because of all the other beneficial properties it can offer as listed above. In cases such as those, NEDC will often suggest a silicone rubber that meets the A-A-59588 Class 3B previously ZZR765 Class 3B. These silicone rubber materials are high-strength being tear, and flex resistant. In addition, they can meet other specifications such as AMS-3348, for 30 durometer.

Commercially Available High-Strength Silicone Rubber Gasketing Materials

There are two materials that are commercially available that are often utilized. These materials are from Saint Gobain Performance Plastics (SGPP).

These two materials are: 

Norseal 9235 (30A Durometer)- Datasheet Download Below (Legacy CHR 9235)

Norseal 9255 (50A Durometer)- Datasheet Download Below (Legacy CHR 9255)


Both materials are available in .031’’, .063’’ , .094’’ and .125’’ in thickness in standard rolled goods at 36’’ wide. Both come in the color of gray.  NEDC die-cuts, or waterjet-cuts this materials into custom gasket shapes. In addition, adhesive tape is required for ease in assembly, NEDC can also supply that. 

More Info

For more information regarding high-strength silicone rubber, or if you think you have an application that could utilize it please contact

Datasheet Download 9200- 9235 and 9255 High Strength Silicone Rubber

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