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Gap Pad HC5.0 (photo by Henkel)

Gap Pad HC5.0 (photo by Henkel)

Henkel has been at the center of thermal interface materials for the past 50 years. Over that time period, they have developed a number of thermal interface materials ranging from their revolutionary Sil Pad to their Bondply thermal materials. Time, and time again, as thermal challenges have arose, Henkel has risen to the challenge. Recently, Henkel developed a new gap-filling material, Gap Pad HC5.0, that offers a unique product unrivaled by its counterparts.

What is Gap Pad HC5.0?

One of the most important properties of thermal interface materials is thermal conductivity. Gap Pad HC5.0 offers a 5.0 W/m-K*, making it a formidable comparison to Gap Pad 5000S35 and other gap filler pads in the marketplace. Gap Pad HC5.0 offers this incredible thermal performance while being non-electrically conductive. Oftentimes, these materials are dealing with greater temperature ranges. This can make it difficult to offer a polymer that offers great temperature stability as well as the conformability required in thermal applications. Luckily, Gap Pad HC5.0 is a silicone-based gap filler material that is designed to deal with greater temperature ranges found in electronic applications. These applications may include, but are not limited to, consumer electronics, components to heatsinks, and telecommunications. The low modulus makes this material especially conformable to small imperfections in surfaces that still may exist after lapping substrates in applications such as a heatsink. This conformability is exemplified by the extremely low durometer rating of 35(00). While the material itself is extremely conformable, it is protected with fiberglass reinforcement throughout the material. This reinforcement may help to resist tears and punctures that may arise in assembly. Finally, Gap Pad HC5.0 offers the stringent fire performance rating V0, per UL94.

More Information/Availability

Gap Pad HC5.0 is provided in a refined violet color. The material has natural tack that is standard on both sides for ease in assembly. The natural tack typically eliminates the need for thermally impeding adhesives. In addition, this natural tack on both sides is protected from itself with an elegant blue diamond liner, and the other side is protected with a clear PET liner. It is good to note that the blue diamond liner has less tack for easier processing during assembly. Lastly, this material is available in a number of thicknesses, ranging from .020” to .125” thick. NEDC can provide Gap Pad HC5.0 die-cut or waterjet cut. For more information on Gap Pad HC5.0, please contact sales@nedc.com.

*This Gap Pads thermal conductivity is tested in accordance with ASTM D5470. ​​

Datasheet for Bergquist Gap Pad HC5.0 aka GAP PAD TGP HC5000

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