Supply chain is one of the biggest components that determines how well a company will run. As a gasket manufacturer we have over 600 vendors that supply everything from our gasketing materials to our paper towels. One of the toughest problems as a buyer is getting a reliable gasket supplier in their arsenal of vendors. There are gasket suppliers who provide gaskets only for certain industries, or only certain types of gaskets, or maybe only certain quantities of gaskets. We are here at NEDC to tell you: if it deals with sealing, we do it!

As an experienced gasket manufacturer and distributor of products that seal and insulate, we try to make the procuring experience very easy for the industries that we serve. We serve over 40 industries ranging from aerospace to construction. Not only do we manufacture gaskets for many industries, we also manufacture them from hundreds of different materials, ranging from electrically conductive sealing materials to thin gauge polypropylene materials. We manufacture flange gaskets, ladder gaskets, general seals, washers and many other products.

The other issues that many procuring officers/specialists have are lead times and price. At NEDC we have an upstanding commitment to provide gaskets to our customers in an expedited fashion. We have been told many times that we are known for being extremely quick at manufacturing gaskets. We make an extraordinary effort to maintain our 99% delivery rating(s). It can be difficult for other gasket manufacturers to offer gaskets quickly while maintaining a high standard of quality. Even in today’s world, speed never takes precedence over quality. The other component to a good gasket manufacturer is price. There are many products that are offered in the world, but if it is too expensive, then a lot of people simply cannot afford it sustainably. NEDC has an ongoing goal of supplying and distributing gaskets in an affordable manner.

The last and perhaps most important metric that makes up a great gasket manufacturer is communication. We have an old adage here at NEDC: “Bad news doesn’t get better with time.” What this essentially means is that we all know that unfortunate circumstances can occur, but NEDC’s differentiating property is that we communicate quickly if there is an issue. We have an incredible commitment to communication, communicating about everything from delays to future contingencies.

A lot of military and government contractors require that the companies they contract maintain certain certifications. NEDC can proudly say it has several certifications it maintains:

  • Small Business Certification
  • ITAR Registration
  • AS 9100 Compliant
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Woman Owned

If you are looking for a gasket supplier that embodies all of these procuring objectives, 99% quality, 99% delivery, feel free to contact

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