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Gap Pad VO Ultra Soft die-cut custom parts

Gap Pad VOUS die-cut custom parts

Thermal materials normally work better under pressure. However, some assemblies do not have the luxury of pressure because of sensitive components. For that reason, in thermal gap filling materials, soft seems like it can’t be soft enough sometimes. However, with Bergquist’s Gap Pad VO Ultra Soft, ultra is about as soft as it gets at a measurement of 5 on the Shore 00 rating scale.

Why use Gap Pad VOUS aka GAP PAD TGP 1000VOUS?

Gap Pad VOUS is topped with a fiberglass reinforced Sil-Pad (its Sil-Pad 900s) that offers electrical isolation. At 1 W/m-K this gap filling pad may not be the most thermally conductive, but it makes up for it in its conformability. The fiberglass reinforcement is great for puncture resistance during assembly when sharp objects may be present. Similar to many of Henkel’s Bergquist Gap Pad materials, Gap Pad VOUS is UL 94 V0 rated. The temperature range is impressive at a continuous working temperature of -76°F – 392°F. This ultra-conformable, soft product is used in many applications for its ability to easily fill gaps where the luxury of mechanical stress is not available. Some of these applications include telecommunications, power generation, or applications that may require heat being transferred towards a heat-spreader. Given GPVOUS properties, its versatility is nearly limitless for use in different applications of low stress. At times, given its high conformability, it’s used for vibration dampening and its shock absorbing abilities.

Availability/More Information

Gap Pad VOUS is available in both a cool whole black, or an elegant white color with the pink Sil-Pad. Gap Pad VO Ultra Soft is also known as GAP PAD 1000VOUS. In addition, this material is available with or without pressure sensitive adhesive on the Sil-Pad side. All Gap Pad VOUS sheets come with a natural tack on one side protected by an elegant blue liner that can be useful during assembly. Gap Pad VOUS is available in sheet form as a standard 8” x 16” or custom die-cut parts at nominal thicknesses ranging from a thin .020” to ¼”. For more information regarding Gap Pad VOUS aka GAP PAD TGP 1000VOUS, please contact sales@nedc.com.

Datasheet for Gap Pad VOUS-B (Black)

Datasheet for Gap Pad VOUS Standard

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