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gap pad 3000s30 pads cut

gap pad 3000s30 pads cut

Thermal Pads are one of our most common products. Customers call all the time asking for recommendations on Gap Pad, or how to choose Gap pad products. There are a few products that I enjoy recommending. One of them is Thermal Pad Gap Pad 3000S30. 

Why Gap Pad 3000S30 aka GAP PAD TGP 3000?

Gap Pad 3000S30 is a silicone based thermal pad with a fiberglass insert. This fiberglass insert helps avoid punctures, and cuts during the assembly process. The material that is part of the S-Class material. Meaning the modulus is very low, Young’s Modulus ASTM D575 per 26 psi. The thermal conductivity 3.0 W/m-K, however thermal conductivity is not everything. Gap Pad 3000S30 has a UL 94 V0 rating.

What Applications Utilize Gap Pad 3000S30:


-Server Static Rams

-Mass Storage drives

-BGA packages

-Power Conversion

-Gap Filler in battery packs

Are there Alternatives to Gap Pad TGP 3000?

Of course! Gap Pad HC3.0 aka GAP PAD TGP HC3000 is a popular alternative that customers use due to the fact the materials are extremely similar in nearly every regard.

Nomenclature for Gap Pad TGP 3000

Legacy System Nomenclature





More Information on Gap Pad 3000S30:

Gap Pad 3000S30 has a light blue color, with two liners – when revealing whats beneath these two liners, there is a tack on both sides. Gap Pad 3000S30 comes in thicknesses ranging from .015’’ to .125’’. NEDC die-cuts, and waterjet-cuts thermal pads such as Gap Pad 3000S30 aka GAP PAD TGP 3000. For more information on Gap Pad 3000S30 aka GAP PAD TGP 3000, please contact sales@nedc.com


Datasheet Download for Gap Pad 3000S30 aka GAP PAD TGP 3000

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