Gap Pad 12000ULM thermal pads

Gap Pad 12000ULM thermal pads

Henkel has launched the Gap Pad TGP 12000ULM under their Bergquist product line. This silicone material is filled with thermally conductive particles to impart the highest thermal conductivity to date of 12 W/m-K. This is an exciting development for the Gap Pad product line as thermal management continues to be a challenge that electrical engineers face daily. 

Properties of Gap Pad TGP 12000ULM

Thermal Conductivity is an important metric to evaluate when looking at a potential thermal gap filler pad to choose. This Gap Pad has the highest thermal conductivity to date of 12 W/m-K. An important number to evaluate with this Gap Pad is the Young’s Modulus of 15 psi – meaning this Gap Pad is extremely compliant in addition to its 12 W/m-K.  This is a stunning number considering previous to this any Gap Pad was 10 W/m-K. Gap Pad TGP 12000ULM falls underneath the Ultra-Low Modulus family of Gap Pads. It is designed for applications of low compression stress. Its highly conformable anatomy makes low compression stress applications a non-issue. It features similar volume resistivity, and dielectric constants to comparable Gap Pad products.  In addition, as with many other Gap Pad materials, it is certified to the UL 94V0 rating.  Applications of use include optical transcievers, telecommuncations, and other high heat generating devices. As the world surges forward with the 5G rollout, these high performance thermal management products will become more important to electronic devices. 

Availability of Gap Pad TGP 12000ULM

Gap Pad TGP 12000ULM is provided in a refined gray color. This Gap Pad has natural tack on both sides to aid in assembly. In addition, this natural tack  Lastly, this material is available in a number of thicknesses, ranging from .040” to .125” thick. Shelf Life of this product is 6 months from the Date of Manufacture. It comes in a standard sheet size of 8’’ x 8’’ . NEDC cuts these sheets in to unique sizes for its customers. For more information on Thermal Pad products, please contact

Gap Pad TGP 12000ULM Datasheet

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