At NEDC, we cut many high performance materials. Highly demanding applications usually come with requirements of a high performance thermal pad. NEDC commonly die-cuts TIMs(thermal interface materials). Oftentimes, it can be difficult to find a good thermal pad match for your application. For applications that require durability and great conformability, finding a solution may be challenging. A unique thermal pad that offers a strong diversity of performance characteristics is Gap Pad 1500R thermal pad.

Gap Pad 1500R Die-Cuts

Gap Pad 1500R Die-Cuts

Properties of Gap Pad 1500R

Gap Pad 1500R is a fiberglass reinforced pad with a silicone binder. The fiberglass reinforcement provides excellent handling ability along with durability. As with most thermal pads, Gap Pad 1500R pad is also electrically isolating. It features inherent tack on BOTH sides. As with most thermal pads available from Henkel’s Bergquist, it offers the prestigious UL 94 V0 flame rating. The temperature range of this thermal pad is -76°F to 392°F. The thermal conductivity of this pad is 1.5 w/m-K. More importantly, it features a low thermal impedence at 30% deflection of .82°C-in.2 /W*. With the combination of the durability, and great compliance it makes this thermal pad especially versatile in applications that demand a resistance to punctures. In addition, this combination makes it especially useful for certain applications. Some common applications of this thermal pad include telecommunications, computers, and power conversion.


This thermal pad has a distinct dark grey color. This thermal pad is available in sheets form, or roll form. One thing to note is the thickness of this pad is fairly limited due to its construction. This pad ranges from .010’’ to .020’’ in thickness. NEDC commonly die-cuts, and waterjet cuts this pad. For more information on this thermal pad, or you have an application that you think could utilize this pad, please contact

*Tested at .020’’

Gap Pad 1500R Datasheet

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