5958FR tape

5958FR tape (photo pulled from 3M website)

In the rubber industry flame retardancy is a big topic of discussion and is often required by certain applications. While NEDC does deal with these polymers on a regular basis, we also deal with tapes. Flame retardancy has become such a necessity that the experts in adhesion have developed a version of their very high bond tape to be flame retardant. This tape is called VHB Tape 5958FR.

Applications Utilizing Flame Retardant VHB Tape 5958FR:

-Overhead stowaway bins on airlines

-Signage for industrial applications

-Mirror mounting (I’ve used it for this)

-Decorative trim for industrial apps. 

-Water sealing as a gasket 

Properties of VHB Tape 5958FR:

The tape is much the same as other VHB Tapes, having a conformable acrylic closed cell foam core, with aggressive modified acrylic adhesive on both sides. However, this tape is flame retardant. This is substantial because 3M’s VHB Tapes already exhibit great properties, and have been used in a variety of applications. The tape bonds well to many plastics, metals, or painted substrates given good dwell periods and proper surface preparation. VHB Tapes have become a formidable rival to rivets, spot-welds, and screws. This VHB tape features many of the same benefits that your ‘conventional’ VHB Tape exhibits except it has passed many stringent flame retardant tests that even the best of polymers have struggled to pass. Some examples of the tests that 5958FR has passed are:

-Meets FAR 25.853 (a) 12 second vertical burn, Appendix F, Part I 

-Meets NBS Smoking Density (ASTM F814/E662).

Extremely high Adhesion:

Adhesion of 20 lb/in or 320 lb/in

Construction for VHB Tapes:

-40 mils, with a 5mil(.13mm_ liner (+/- 10% is the tolerance on this tape)

More Information/VHB Tape 

VHB Tape 5958FR is a part of the 5952 family. This tape comes in a cool black color. Since NEDC is a 3M converter die-cuts, and laser-cuts. VHB Tape into custom shapes for customers. The shelf life of this tape is 24 months from DOM. For more information on VHB Tape, or you have an application that you feel could utilize Flame Retardant VHB Tape, please contact sales@nedc.com


Datasheet Download for 5958FR Tape

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